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Review of Active Learning in Political Science Blog

Review of Active Learning in Political Science Blog

by Joseph W. RobertsRoger Williams University

The Active Learning in Political Science (ALPS) blog emerged from ongoing discussions at the American Political Science Association (APSA) Teaching and Learning Conferences (TLCs). At the 2011 TLC, Victor Asal, Nina Kollars, Chad Raymond, Amanda Rosen, and Simon Usherwood promised to create a blog to facilitate the discussions of simulations, games, and other active-learning strategies in the political science classroom. Joined later by Michelle Allendoerfer and occasional guest contributors, these scholars have created a blog that does this exceptionally well. Additionally, the blog does so much more. Because the entries are fairly concise, it is an easy blog to read regularly. It is also possible to subscribe to the blog to get updates when new posts are written. There is a rudimentary search function to look for previous posts, but a site-specific Google search is often more effective. This review is structured based on the content of nearly 800 entries, using the blog’s own keyword statistics (noted in parentheses at the time of the survey in April 2016).

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Journal of Political Science Education | Pages 109-111 | Volume 13, 2017 – Issue 1, Published online: 27 Jun 2016