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More on children’s access to the exhibit hall. #APSA2015

Update September 9. 
APSA is very pleased we will be able to permit children into exhibit halls in future meetings. Details forthcoming. Our thanks to everyone who provided comment and feedback.

Update September 8.
We are continuing to reach out to APSA partners and other organizations to gather information and research. We are working to allow children access to the exhibit hall under certain guidelines/provisions. We thank you for your patience as we give this matter the careful consideration it deserves.

Update September 6.
There are many valid points and much good discussion happening. We are doing more research on this issue and want to be able to accommodate our members. We will have more details beginning on Tuesday, September 8th. We are currently working with staff and partners on this issue. We recognize this is an important discussion and will work as quickly as possible to come to a resolution. Thanks for your patience.

Sept 4.
APSA makes great efforts to be as welcoming and open to all attendees as possible. Conventions of our size require event insurance to secure contracts and use space at any hotels or convention centers. Event insurance does not cover children in an Exhibit Hall due to liability. We are committed to making the Annual Meeting as convenient as we can, but, unfortunately, this is not an area where we have flexibility. We are pleased to continue offering onsite Child Care and a Mother’s Room for nursing and pumping.

We are sorry for any inconvenience this may cause members or attendees, but, unfortunately, we are not able to allow children into the Exhibit Hall. We invite you to leave your comments here for discussion.


Jordan met with APSA President Jennifer Hochschild and said they had a great conversation. Jordan has been using the onsite child care services.